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2017-18 Teams

Campeau's Crew

The Fellowship

Agony of deFeet

Wes Campeau ©

Spencer Mulvaney ©

Jason Smellink ©

Aidan Sutherland

Andi Sturb

Brad Heward

Alex Muir

Andre Vandel

Brandon Beaudin (G)

Emmett Graham

Art Hitsman

Cyrus Zomederis

Jacob Dickinson

Ernie Basiliadis

Darby Rodgers

Nick Heykoop

John Gibson (G)

Mike Preston

Noah Robichaud

Lloyd Scott

Rob Hanna

Will Campeau

Marc Hardy

Romith Nang

Wyatt Beckstead

Mitch Beattie

Roy Crump

Raul Nakra

Tyler Rodgers

Any Given Sunday

The Expendables

Not Fast Just Furious

Jacob Bilmer ©

Steve McCurdy ©

Jamie Nix ©

Alex O'Yomi

Brad Synnott (G)

Brad Craig-Pettem

Chris Noonan (G)

Brandon Stone

Faustos Reyes

Josh Coville

Cory Jones

Gavin Bush

Connor Mackey

John Kleiboer

Geoff Sabourin

Ryan Mackey

Mark Jones

Jacob Heward

Simon Mackey

Mike Evans

Jamie Mott

Toni Perkins

Shane Belanger

Liam Bush

Travis Perkins

Tim Winter

Matt Pettem

Sam Palmer

Will Clarke

Scott Anderson (G)


Please Note: An attempt was made to honour players’ requests to play with friends, families groups, etc. However, some divisions had to be made to try and provide a competitive balance to the Teams. Each Team’s captain is shown first, followed by their players, listed in alphabetical order by first names.