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2014 League Rules 

Regular Season Rules

Regular season games are allotted 1 hour each, 20-25 minutes each half.

If tied, a 3-on-3 three minute sudden death is played, followed by a 3 player shoot-out.

No offsides and substitutions are made on the fly.

Goalies may handle the ball within the 3-point arc, and put balls into play using their hands.  No drop-kicks.

If a Goalie places a hand on top of a ball it is considered to be in their possession, continued pursuit will result in a foul.

Goalies can leave their arc and score goals from anywhere, but only by using their feet.

Teams may pick up players if they are short, but the opposition is awarded 1 goal for each 25 minute frame played by the pick-up.

All kicks are indirect, except for penalty shots which are taken from the top of the arc.

The back walls and folding walls are in play, sidelines (black lines), ceiling, baskets, stage, and stands are out of play.

Balls that leave the field of play are played back in by an indirect kick.  All indirect kicks require 6 feet of space.

If a Blue card is given, the player must serve a 2 minute penalty, while their team plays shorthanded.

If a Yellow card is given, the player must serve a 4 minute penalty, while their team plays shorthanded.

If a Red card is given, the player is ejected and must sit out a one-game suspension.  Their team must play 5 minutes short-handed.

Multiple penalties are served back to back.  The offending player is not allowed to be the first player to return following a penalty unless their team has no subs.  

Fines may be given to yellow/red card offenders in addition to their suspensions, at the commissioner's discretion.


Differing Tournament Rules

Games are allotted a half an hour, 20-25 minutes each, no halves.

All walls are in play from the brick portion and below.  The stands, stage, basketball nets and ceiling are still out of bounds.

Boxing a player or ball against a wall or corner will result in a free kick.

Substitutions occur from the stage and the home team defends the end of the gym closest to the stage.

If tied, a 3 player shoot-out will determine the winner.

Stop time will be used in the final minute should a game's score be within 2 goals.